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Gaerne 2017 SG 12 NEW!! Free Freight!

$629.95 $500.00

2017 GAERNE SG12 is the Top of the Line! Two years in the making, Gaerne is proud to introduce the all new SG-12. At Gaerne, they thrive to be the best, always looking for new ways to make a better product, always listening to their professional riders for valuable feedback, always looking to their suppliers for the very best materials. All of which translates into more value for Gaerne customers. The SG-12 leads the way with many innovative features that you will only find at Gaerne. Discover the future of footwear! See more info page for full description! Avail in Gry/Orange,Gry/Blue, Gry/Green. Gry/HiVis, Red/White and all Black and all White in adult sizes of 8-14. Please SELECT Free Freight when ordering in the mainland USA. Gaiter. Made of a new Swiss breathable fabric called ACRONOS, the gaiter is extremely stretchy but has the perfect shape to keep the sand and debris out. Toe Cap. All new shape. The toecap has been re-designed and reinforced to provide tougher performance. Heel Cup. The new heel cup has been designed to absorb shock in the case of a rear compression. Toe Box. This new design features a slimmer shape in the toe area for an improved feel of the shift lever and the bikes controls. The entire area is wrapped by a new plastic material which is lighter and provides more comfort and feel for the bike as well. Front Plate (Shin Guard). This new thermoplastic shin plate is anatomically shaped for a perfect fit. By removing three screws, a rider can also make the opening wider to accommodate a bigger leg or knee-brace. Buckle System. The SG-12 utilizes four lightweight alloy buckles that attach to an adjustable strap. This is a "tried and true" system that provides the rider "easy in" and "easy out" non-failure system. Keeping it simple! Grip Guard. On the inner side of the boot is the all new rubber "grip guard". You can feel the exceptional grip of the bike, as well as offering a heat-resistant padding against your inner leg. Introducing the Dual Pivot System: This revolutionary new system is patented and exclusive to Gaerne and is certainly going to be a hit. The first pivot is attached to the "razorback". This provides a rigid component that offers a strong lateral support while a glideplate keeps the upper in a firm and upright position. Colors are Black, White, gry/Orange, gry/blue, gry/green, grey/HiVis and Red/White.. Sizes are adult 8-14. Please SELECT Free Freight When ordering in mainland US.

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