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Fly Lite Hyudrogen Tie-Dye Combo for 2017, Free Freight


Fly 2017 Lite Hydrogen Limited-Edition Tie-Dye gear. As worn by Justin Brayton, Jimmy Decotis, Gavin Faith, Adam '722' Enticknap and Josh Cachia. Also see this gear at the Monster Energy cup worn by Blake Baggett and Davi Millsaps! Being the original light weight racewear to come to market wasnít enough. We continue to develop and improve our Lite racewear line through constant feedback from our athletesóboth amateur and pro alike. The goal has always been to create the lightest, most breathable racewear with an athletic tailored fit thatís almost unnoticeable. Each panel has been carefully analyzed to ensure that the rider has maximum flexibility, breathability and support where needed. The styling of the Lite line this year was inspired by the extensive study of top athletic products and tech from around the world combined with global trends and our own creativity. Three words to best sum up our Lite Hydrogen line: simplicity, progression and precision

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