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WELCOME to the RENEGADE RACING Online Store. RENEGADE RACING is proud to present our NEW redesigned Web Site. Thanks to our Great Customers we have expanded our website to include videos of our best selling items. RENEGADE RACING carries the BEST Gear with the Best Prices for Motocross and Off Road Riders/Racers on the Internet. We are one of the largest TCX Distribitors in the US! We carry the Best Boots from TCX and Gaerne and have the BEST PRICES of any store! RENEGADE RACING would like to THANK our Customers for their support since 1997! Your Privacy and Protection are very important to us and with our Secure Server you can be assured that your online credit card shopping is SECURE with us. If you do not see the product you are looking for, please call us at 310 371-1200.

TCXevoCompMichelinall.jpg TCX EVO Comp Michelin--NEW FOR 2016!Free Freight!
$569.99 $569.99
CALL AND WE WILL BEAT ANYONES PRICES !!! TCX Comp EVO Michelin Boot’s crown jewel is in its sole. This is one motocross boot that has its roots in the automotive world. Michelin has lent its expertise in the world of tire manufacturing to TCX in order to collaborate on one of the best dirt bike boots of all time. TCX Boots are already known to be of the utmost highest quality. However, the addition of Michelin’s highly durable, rubber sole, definitely puts the TCX Comp EVO Michelin Boot at the top of the motocross boot pile. Not only is this dirt bike boot leaps and bounds better than all the other boots available. While the crown jewel of this motocross boot is the Michelin tires sole, this boot has plenty of other technologically advanced surprises in store for you. The Double Flex Control system keeps riders in their boots, without sacrificing ankle mobility. With the mobility comes protection for your ankles. The TCX Comp EVO Michelin boots give your ankles the ability to bend but not break. This allows you to safely maneuver the dirt track and grab that perfect speed! The TCX Comp EVO Michelin Boot gives riders with large calves the protection they need, without sacrificing comfort. The adjustable calf system and the brand new aluminum buckle design will help riders of any calf size into this boot with ease. This feature and many others are admired by professional rider Broc Tickle, who will be rocking TCX Boots as a featured rider for them as he tears up dirt tracks all over the world. Colors are:Black/Black,White/Red/Black, White/White, Black/Flor/Yellow, Orange,Black/Green & RED/RED. Avail in Sizes 6-14. Avail End of Feb 2016. REINFORCEMENTS: Double Flex Control System; PU adjustable shin plate; polyurethane toe guard, internal HIGH GRIP ZONE heat guard, rear polyurethane heel reinforcement BUCKLES: 4 aluminum adjustable buckles, ergonomic design SOLE: new designed, high wear resistant MICHELIN HYBRID MX sole TCX Evo Comp Michelin Boots features are: UPPER: high wear resistant micro fibre and PU frame LINING: breathable fabric with double compound PU soft padding around the ankle area CE Certification Please Select FREE FREIGHT in the mainland US when ordering!
2016SG12NEW Gaerne 2016 SG 12 NEW!! Free Freight!
$629.95 $500.00
Two years in the making, Gaerne is proud to introduce the all new SG-12. At Gaerne, they thrive to be the best, always looking for new ways to make a better product, always listening to their professional riders for valuable feedback, always looking to their suppliers for the very best materials. All of which translates into more value for Gaerne customers. The SG-12 leads the way with many innovative features that you will only find at Gaerne. Discover the future of footwear! Gaiter. Made of a new Swiss breathable fabric called ACRONOS, the gaiter is extremely stretchy but has the perfect shape to keep the sand and debris out. Toe Cap. All new shape. The toecap has been re-designed and reinforced to provide tougher performance. Heel Cup. The new heel cup has been designed to absorb shock in the case of a rear compression. Toe Box. This new design features a slimmer shape in the toe area for an improved feel of the shift lever and the bikes controls. The entire area is wrapped by a new plastic material which is lighter and provides more comfort and feel for the bike as well. Front Plate (Shin Guard). This new thermoplastic shin plate is anatomically shaped for a perfect fit. By removing three screws, a rider can also make the opening wider to accommodate a bigger leg or knee-brace. Buckle System. The SG-12 utilizes four lightweight alloy buckles that attach to an adjustable strap. This is a "tried and true" system that provides the rider "easy in" and "easy out" non-failure system. Keeping it simple! Grip Guard. On the inner side of the boot is the all new rubber "grip guard". You can feel the exceptional grip of the bike, as well as offering a heat-resistant padding against your inner leg. Introducing the Dual Pivot System: This revolutionary new system is patented and exclusive to Gaerne and is certainly going to be a hit. The first pivot is attached to the "razorback". This provides a rigid component that offers a strong lateral support while a glideplate keeps the upper in a firm and upright position. Colors are Black, White, gry/Orange, gry/blue, gry/green, grey/HiVis and Red/White.. Sizes are adult 8-14. Please SELECT Free Freight When ordering in mainland US.
Leatt155.5NeckBrace.jpg Leatt GPX 5.5 Neck Brace, NEW PRODUCT!
$369.95 $275.00
NEW for 2016! Leatt GPX 5.5 Neck Brace. Features include;new helmet rim striking platform, new improved helmet side clearance, new adjustable over the shoulder height, new onboard size adjustment,4 way adjustable fit,CE certified personal protective equipment 89/686/EEC. Avail in adult size lG/XGL in black. Select Free Freight when ordering in the mainland USA.PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO Below, FOR FULL INFORMATION ON THIS GREAT NECK BRACE
K8kneebrace.jpg POD K8 Knee Brace
$799.00 $639.99
POD K8 Knee Braces are sold in Pairs. Or separately,please call for price. Pod MX - K8 Knee Brace (Pair) ADAPTIVE PERFORMANCE The latest in high end knee protection, the Pod MX K8 knee braces brings professional knee protection to every rider. Worn by top riders such as Andrew Short, Trey Canard, Tommy Searle and others, the K8 knee brace set a new standard in safety and comfort. Pod MX's Human Motion provides support on demand without compromising performance. Lightweight, pre-preg carbon fiber frames combine with the Human Motion® hinge system and modular components allow you to create your own custom knee brace. The Pod MX K8 knee braces adapts to your needs for superior multi-sport performance. “The K8 adapts to me and means that I get a custom fit for ultimate comfort and performance.” - TOMMY SEARLE | CLS KAWASAKI MONSTER ENERGY POD® ligament knee braces set new standards in user Comfort and Confidence™, our products fit precisely, stay in position and move so naturally that it won’t feel like you are wearing a knee brace. Many of the world’s leading athletes choose POD to protect their knees without compromise while thousands of amateur athletes rely on POD to stay active. Routinely prescribed by doctors, POD knee braces are registered medical devices proven to help reduce knee injuries in sport. The intensity of modern sport places the human knee at significant risk which is why POD developed our own Synthetic Ligaments™ to reduce the strain on yours. Only POD HUMAN MOTION provides support on demand without compromising performance. It has never been easier to protect your knees. Features: •Human Motion® hinge system for natural knee support •Precise and secure •Carbon Frame - light and low profile •Lightweight - 650grams/1.4lbs (with impact panels and patella guard) •Multi Sport - One brace for all •12 month mfg warranty Sizing Guide: POD knee braces are size and side specific and correct sizing is vital to the performance of the brace. Due to varying shapes, knee measurements should only be used as a guide when determining the correct brace size. Size Knee Width Measurments Knee Circumference Measurements Youth Medium 8.8 - 9.4 cm 3.5 - 3.7" 27.5 - 29.5 cm 10.8 - 11.6" Youth Large 9.4 - 10.2 cm 3.7 - 4.0" 29.5 - 32.0 cm 11.6 - 12.6" Small 10.2 - 10.8 cm 4.0 - 4.3" 32.0 - 34.0 cm 12.6 - 13.4" Medium 10.8 - 11.4 cm 4.3 - 4.5" 34.0 - 36.0 cm 13.4 - 14.1" Large 11.4 - 12 cm 4.5 - 4.7" 36.0 - 38.0 cm 14.1 - 14.8" X-Large 12 - 12.7 cm 4.7 - 5.0" 38.0 - 40.2 cm 14.8 - 15.8" XX-Large 12.7 - 13.4 cm 5.0 - 5.3" 40.2 - 42.0 cm 15.8 - 16.8" Please Use the folowing steps to get right size! STEP 1: Knee Width Measure across the centre of the knee using the POD Sizing Tool. Take measurements in a weight bearing position at full extension (i.e. with leg fully straight). STEP 2: Knee Circumference Measurement Measure the circumference of the knee directly underneath the kneecap using a soft tape measure or string. Take measurements in a weight bearing position at full extension (i.e. with leg fully straight). Please select Free Freight when ordering in the mainland US. NOTE: Click on picture for more angles of the brace.
Leatt6.5CarbonMXNeckBrace.jpg LEATT 6.5 MXCarbon Neck Brace! NEW for 2016
$499.95 $400.00
NEW FOR 2016 the Fly LEATT 6.5 Carbon MX Neck Brace is all NEW and on sale for a special price. Features include new MaxiWeave carbon matrix for increased rigidity and lower weight. Lightweight 600g is still flexible but strong. New Helmet rim striking platform and new improved helmet side clearance, onboard size adjusting without needing wrenches. New on board rear adjustment of 0, 5 and 10 degrees. Aval in adult sizes of Small/Med or Large/Xlg. Black only.Please Select Free Freight when ordering in mainland US.
GaerneSG11new2014.jpg Gaerne SG 11, New for 2016
$579.95 $440.00
Gaerne SG11new for 2016
Gaerne SG 11 NEW for 2016. This boot features wrap around ankle pivot for more support and great fit. Grip Guard to really stick to the bike. Gaerne famous, dual composite sole for long lasting wear and repairable/replaceable alloy buckles ensure fit. Made in Italy. Avail in Black or White in adult sizes of 8-14. Please select free freight when ordering in the mainland USA.

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